Wolverine Eyeglasses

Founded by G.A. Krouse in 1883, Wolverine is an
internationally known boot and shoe company.
Their footwear is made of the finest materials and leathers to make a
top-of-the-line product.


Wolverine Eyeglasses are designed for men. They are durable, tough and as dependable as
the boots that carry the brand name of Wolverine. The frames are manufactured with premium
materials and designed with innovative technology to give the wearer durable

Kenmark is the licensed manufacturer of Wolverine Eyeglasses.

Originally founded in 1972 as Kenmark Optical, the Kenmark
Group operates through two divisions, Lancer International and Couteur Designs,
to offer a wide-range eyeglass and sunglass frames at competitive prices.

The Lancer International division offers affordable brand
name and house brand eyewear, including Hush Puppies, Timex, Thalia, Celine
Dion and Wolverine.

Couteur Designs division, the prestige division, specializes
in designer brands, including Vera Wang.

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