Varilux Introduces New Progressive Lens for Bifocal Wearers

As we age, we eventually lose our ability to focus on near objects.  This loss of focusing ability – called presbyopia – usually becomes apparent when we reach our mid-forties.  If you already wear eyeglasses when presbyopia occurs, your eye doctor will prescribe multifocal lenses to correct your vision.  Multifocal lenses have different powers in different parts of the lens to enable you to again see clearly at all distances.  Examples of multifocal lenses include bifocals, trifocals, and progressive (“no-line”) lenses. 


Though conventional bifocal lenses have an unattractive line that separates the distance and near powers in the lens, they provide a wider reading area than progressive lenses.  Bifocal lenses are also free of peripheral distortions that are present in progressive lenses.  (Though these distortions are mild, they can make progressive lenses uncomfortable for some people.)


Essilor International claims it has resolved these issues with the introduction of Varilux Liberty(TM) – a new progressive lens designed to feel and perform more like a conventional  bifocal lens than other no-line lenses.


With its Instant Reading Power(TM) technology, Varilux Liberty(TM) provides a wide, well-positioned reading area and a quicker transition between the distance power and near power of the lens for the most comfortable reading performance possible, according to the company.


Other Varilux(R) Progressive Lenses


Varilux Liberty(TM) is the latest addition to Essilor’s Varilux(R) line of progressive eyeglass lenses, which also includes:

  •       Varilux Panamic(R) – The company’s recommended progressive lens solution for emerging presbyopes being fit with their first pair of multifocal lenses.

  •            Varilux Comfort(R) – The company’s most popular lens and the most prescribed general-purpose progressive lens in America.

  •            Varilux Ellipse(TM)The company’s recommended lens solution for presbyopes who need a progressive lens that will perform well with smaller-sized frames.


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