Torisoft contact lenses from CIBA Vision are designed for patients suffering from astigmatism.  They are worn as daily wear lenses for up to a year and replaced.  The double thin zone design of the Torisoft contact lens uses a lid-lens interaction to keep lenses properly oriented and the lenses are positioned under the eye lids easily and comfortably.


Lens Material
The lens material is 37.5% water and 62.5% tefilicon.  The lens material, tefilcon, is a hydrophilic polymer of hydroxyethylmethacrylate.


Lens Parameters
Chord Diameter: 14.5mm
Center Thickness: 0.095mm at -3.00D
Base Curves: 8.6mm, 8.9mm
Power: -6.00D to +4.00D, 0.25 steps
-6.50D & -7.00D
-1.00, -1.75 cyl., full circle in 10 deg. steps, all base curves
-2.50 cyl., 10 deg. steps 180 +/- 20 deg.
90 +/- 20 deg., 8.6 & 8.9 base curves


Lens Properties
Specific Gravity: 1.18
Refractive Index: 1.43
Water Content: 37.5% by weight in normal saline.
Luminous Transmittance: 90%

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