Timex Eyeglasses

Timex is a world renowned watch manufacturer founded in 1854
and headquartered in Middlebury,
Connecticut. The Timex watch itself was introduced in 1950
and was famous for the tagline “It takes a licking but keeps on ticking.” Today, the company continues its dominance of
the watch industry.



Timex Eyeglasses are designed with the same quality
materials that are used in the manufacturer of their watches. Timex frames combine strength, style and
value, featuring a variety of colors and classic shapes.

Kenmark is the licensed manufacturer of Timex Eyeglasses.

Originally founded in 1972 as Kenmark Optical, the Kenmark
Group operates through two divisions, Lancer International and Couteur Designs,
to offer a wide-range eyeglass and sunglass frames at competitive prices.

The Lancer International division offers affordable brand
name and house brand eyewear, including Hush Puppies, Timex, Thalia, Celine
Dion and Wolverine.

Couteur Designs division, the prestige division, specializes
in designer brands, including Vera Wang.

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