Developmental Milestones In Your Baby’s Vision

Babies touch their hands together at 2 months.         Babies' eyes begin to move with less movement of the head ("doll's eyes" appearance begins to fade).         Babies inspect their surroundings.         Babies' eyes begin to follow moving objects and people.         When spoken to, babies watch the speaker's face and hold eye contact (at 3 to 4 months).         Both e...
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What Does My Baby See?

What Does My Baby See
As you can see in the above diagram, the visual system works like a camera. the lens: a crystalline lens that receives light through the clear cornea and helps focus light on the retina. film (or a digital recorder): the retina, located along the back curve of the eyeball, on which the lens focuses light from the object seen. a connector: the optic nerve, which carries recorded light and colo...
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