Swiss Army Sunglasses

Victorinox, the company that manufactures Swiss Army products, is famous for its elaborate knives that are supplied to Switzerland’s army (a contract they split with Wegner Company in the name of nationalistic fairness.)  The knives contain numerous tools in addition to the two different sized blade; corkscrew, can opener, small screwdriver, cap lifter, wire stripper, reamer, punch, key ring, tweezers, toothpick and much more, and are a staple of ingenuity carried by millions of customers around the world.


Victorinox has expanded its product line to include a plethora of multi-tools (including their popular golf tool), watches, apparel, travel gear and accessories, including sunglasses.

Swiss Army Sunglasses are known for their stylish versatility in style and function.  They are manufactured using the same philosophy of precision craftsmanship and durability as with their Swiss Army knives.

These attractive sunglasses fit a range of head shapes and are made with light-weight frames and high-strength polycarbonate lenses that give you one-hundred percent protection from harmful UV radiation.


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