Solar Bat Sunglasses

Solar Bat Sunglasses were created by Dr. Nesty, a graduate of Indiana School of Optometry in 1973, over a period of nine years starting in 1985 because of a lack of proper eye protection for fishermen and hunters.



Using the help of some of the finest world-class fishermen and hunters to field test the product, he introduced his Solar Bat Sunglasses in 1994 with their Noctular lenses.  Today, all Solar Bat Sunglasses are made using the optically advanced Noctular PNV lens.

Solar Bat Sunglasses have three distinct types of lenses available:  Noctular and Noctular PNV Performance tints, BVL Mirror coatings and Ecolar tints.  These tints eliminate glare and improve visual acuity and performance.

Noctular performance tints are perfect for sporting events like golf, fishing, shooting sports and foggy conditions.

BVL mirror coatings are also perfect for water sports and provide you with high contrast vision.

Ecolar tints are good all around lenses that provide you with enhanced contrast in low light conditions.

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