SofLens Multi-Focal

SofLens Multi-FocalSofLens Multi-Focal contact lenses are 1-2 week disposable contacts designed by Bausch and Lomb to be worn as daily lenses for up to two weeks and then tossed in the trash.  SofLens Multi-Focal disposable lenses are made to be worn by patients with presbyopia and are manufactured with a light blue tint to assist in locating the lenses in the solution.


Lens Material
The lens material, polymacon, is 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate, and is 38.6% water by weight when immersed in a sterile saline solution.  This lens is tinted blue with up to 100ppm of Reactive Blue Dye 246.

Lens Parameters
Diameter: 14.5mm
Center Thickness: 0.05mm to 0.50mm
Base Curve: 8.5mm and 8.8mm
Powers (Spherical): +6.00D to -10.00D (0.25D increments)
Lens Properties
Specific Gravity: 1.12
Refractive Index: 1.43
Light Transmittance: C.I.E. value – at least 86%
Water Content: 38.6%
Oxygen Permeability: 8.4 x 10-11[cm3O2(STP) x cm]/(sec x cm2 x mmHg)@35 degrees C Polarographic Method (Boundary and Edge Corrected)

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