Silsoft Super Plus Kids

Silsoft Super Plus KidsSilsoft Super Plus Kids contact lenses from Bausch and Lomb are designed to correct pediatric aphakia.  Often, Silsoft Super Plus Kids lenses are the only choice for the correction of infantile aphakia and are the leading treatment option for pediatric patients recovering from cataract surgery. Silsoft Aphakic contacts provide a high level of visual acuity while permitting the eye to breath.

Lens Material
The lens material is a dimethyl diphenyl methylvinyl polysiloxane.  Silsoft Aphakic Adult contact lenses are made of 99.8% polymer (elastofilcon A).

Lens Parameters
Base Curve: 7.5, 7.7, 7.9mm
Diameter: 11.30mm
Power Range: +23.00D to +32.00D (3.00D steps)
Center Thickness: 0.51mm – 0.71mm
Optical Zone: 7.0mm

Lens Properties
Specific Gravity: 1.13 + 0.03
Refractive Index: 1.44 + 0.02
Visible Light Transmission: Measures greater than 85% – dry
Oxygen Transmission: 71
Water Content: 0.2%

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