SGP III contact lenses from Lifestyle Company, Inc. are gas permeable lenses made to order to the exact specifications of your prescription.  The lenses are designed to be worn as daily wear contacts for up to a year and replaced.  SGP III lenses are the final generation of the SGP line of contact lenses, using the thinness of the SGP I and the high oxygen permeability of the SGP II.  SGP III contacts have also added a fluorine chemical composition for increased deposit resistance.


Lens Material
SGP III contact lenses are made of 100% Polymer (telefocon B) materials.


Lens Parameters
Base Curve: Made to order
Diameter: Made to order
Powers: Made to order
Color: Blue, Brown, Clear, Green, Gray
Available Designs: Sphere, Aspheric, Bifocal, Toric, Bi-Toric, Front Toric, Back Toric

Lens Properties
Specific Gravity: 1.126
Refractive Index: 1.475
Dk: 43.5
Wetting Angle: 20
Hardness: 82D

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