Proactive contact lenses from Ocular Sciences are monthly disposable contact lenses to be worn as daily lenses.  Some patients may be able to wear Proactive contacts as extended wear lenses, depending on advice from their eye care practitioner.  For added assistance, the lenses are made with a light visibility tint to assist in locating the lenses in the solution.  This tint will not change the color of your eyes.


Lens Material
Proactive contact lenses are made of 45% Polymer (ocufilcon D) materials with a water content of 55 percent.


Lens Parameters
Base Curve: 8.7mm and 8.8mm
Diameter: 14.2mm
Center Thickness: 0.09mm
Sphere Power: 8.7mm –  PL to -6.00 (-10.00)
8.8mm  –  +5.00 to PL
Lens Properties
DK: 19.7
Optic Zone: 8.0mm
Water content: 55.0%

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