Natural Touch Opaque contact lenses are made to alter the color of dark eyes.  CooperVision designed Natural Touch Opaque lenses to be worn for up to one year and replaced.


Lens Material
Natural Touch soft contact lenses are made by incorporating opaque pigment in an iris pattern between two layers of tefilcon polymer. The opaquing pigment consists of carmine, mica, and titanium dioxide.

Lens Parameters  
Diameter: 13.8mm
Center Thickness: low minus lens – varies with power (e.g., -3.00D: 0.10mm)
  plus lens – varies with power (e.g., +3.00D: 0.17mm)
Base Curve: 8.4, 8.7
Powers: +1.00D to -6.00D, 0.25 steps
Lens Properties  
Specific Gravity (calculated): 1.18
Refractive Index: 1.43
Surface Character: Hydrophilic
Water Content: 37.5% in normal saline
Light Transmittance: Hazel:  97% through clear pupil
  Sophisticated Blue:  97% through clear pupil
  Willow Green:   97% through clear pupil
  Aqua Seas:  97% through clear pupil
  Baby Blue:  97% through clear pupil
  Sultry Grey:  97% through clear pupil
Oxygen Permeability: 8.4 x 10 -11 (cm 2/sec)(ml O2/ml x mm Hg) at 23 degrees C.  Fatt (boundary corrected, non-edge corrected)

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