Miss Sixy Eyeglasses

Miss Sixty is an Italian clothing label that is the female
component of the Sixty fashion label.
Model Dominique Upton is most famous for sporting this label and even
has a hand in designing some of the apparel.

Actress Asia Argento is also known for modeling Miss Sixty clothing.


Miss Sixty Eyeglasses stand out in a crowd. They are made using vibrant colors in both
there metal and acetate frames. The
colors sometimes have an
iridescent or fluorescent effect, solid or transparent. The designs are kept simple to let the colors
speak for themselves.

Marcolin is the licensed manufacturer for Miss Sixty

Marcolin sells its products in more than 50,000 outlets in
80 countries. Founded in 1961, Marcolin
is still controlled by the Marcolin family, but brothers Andrea and Diego Della
Valle now own more than 40% of it.

Marcolin makes designer eyewear under its own Marcolin
brands and through licensed brands such as Kenneth Cole (U.S. market
only), Miss Sixty, Roberto Cavalli, and Timberland. Its Cébé subsidiary in France produces
eyewear for athletes.

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