Lulu Guinness Sunglasses

Lulu Guinness is a fashion designer and tastemaker is known best for her exquisite handbags.  Her designs include bags, shoes, scarves, fragrance umbrellas, socks, stationary and eyewear, including sunglasses.  Her accessories are sold in some of the highest quality stores in the world; like Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus.


Lulu Guinness Sunglasses gain their inspiration from their namesake’s design work.  They are created with a timeless look from yesteryear without sacrificing the contemporary look that today’s fashion conscious women desire.

For over 60 years Tura has been manufacturing eyewear and sunglasses using the newest technology, fashion and brands.  Tura focuses on valuable frame features, high-quality plating techniques, and fine materials.  Tura focuses on fashion-forward, ground-breaking new products that are technology-driven and possessing a brand new look and original design.  Tura sells its products under their Tura House brands and the licensed names Ted Baker, Lulu Guinness and Tourneau.

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