Frequency 55 Toric XR

Frequency 55 Toric XRFrequency 55 Toric XR contact lenses from CooperVision are designed for patients suffering from a high levels of astigmatism and are worn as monthly disposable contacts.  The lenses are manufactured with a light visible tint to enable you to locate your lenses in the solution without difficulty.  The tint will not alter the color of your eyes.


Lens Material
The lens material, methafilcon B, is a random copolymer of hyroxyethylmethacrylate and methacrylic acid.  Produced with a light blue handling tint, the lens material is coupled with Reactive Blue No. 4.  The handling tint increases the visibility of the lens when not worn on the eye.

Lens Parameters
Diameter: 14.4mm
Base Curve: 8.4mm to 8.7mm
Center Thickness: 0.12mm
Powers: +6.00 to -6.50 (-8.00)


Lens Properties
Toric Type: Prism Ballast
Cylinder Power: -2.75 to -5.75 in 0.50 steps
Axis: Full circle, 5 deg. steps
Water Content: 55%

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