Fluorocon contact lenses from CIBA Vision are gas permeable contact lenses designed to give you clear, comfortable vision throughout the day.  Some patients will be able to wear Fluorocon contacts as extended wear lenses, depending on advice from their eye care practitioner.  Fluorocon lenses are made with a light blue handling tint to assist you in locating your lenses in the solution.  This tint will not change the color of your eyes.


Lens Material
Fluorocon lenses are made of paflufocon B. The lens material is a thermoset copolymer derived from fluorosilicone acrylate monomer.


Lens Parameters
Diameter: 8.0mm – 10.0mm
Center Thickness: 0.05mm to 0.7mm
Base Curves: 7.0mm – 9.0mm
Powers: -20.00 to +20.00D diopters for daily wear
  -20.00 to +8.00D diopters for extended wear
Lens Properties
Refractive Index: 1.47
Surface Character: hemi-spherical

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