Encore Sphere (Vertex Sphere)

Vertex SphereEncore Sphere contact lenses are designed with CooperVision’s patented UltraSync edge design to give your eyes superior visual acuity and comfort.  The lenses are 1 to 2 week disposable contacts that are worn as daily wear lenses for up to two weeks and discarded.  Encore Sphere contacts are made with a visible tint to assist you in locating your lenses in the solution.  This tint will not change the color of your eyes.


Lens Material
Encore Sphere contact lenses are made of methafilcon A with a water content of 55%.

Lens Parameters
Base Curve: 8.3, 8.6, 8.8 and 8.9mm
Diameter: 14.20
Powers: -0.25 to -8.00
BC:8.6 -8.50 to -10.00
BC: 8.8 +0.25 to +8.00 (Plus powers made with 8.8 base curve only)

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