CibaSoft Visitint contact lenses are vial lenses designed to be worn for one year as daily wear lenses and then replaced.  Manufactured by CIBA Vision, CibaSoft Visitint lenses are made with a light blue tint to assist you in locating the lenses in the solution.   

Lens Material
The lens material is 37.5% water and 62.5% tefilicon. 

Lens Parameters  
Chord Diameter: 13.8mm, 14.5mm
Center Thickness: 0.07 mm at-3.00D
  0.14mm at +3.00D
Base Curves: 8.3, 8.6 and 8.9 mm
Power: -10.00D to +6.00D, in 0.50D steps
  -6.50D to -10.00
Approved Power Range: -25.00D to +25.00D


Lens Properties  
Specific Gravity: 1.18
Refractive Index: 1.43
Water Content: 37.5% by weight in normal saline.
Oxygen Permeability (Dk): 8.9 x 10 [-11] (cm/sec)(ml O2/ml x mm Hg), measured at 21 degrees C (Fatt Method)
Luminous Transmittance: 90%

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