Boston XO contact lenses from Polymer Technology are gas permeable lenses manufactured to for excellent eye health.  They are an established premium, extra oxygen gas permeable lens that provides you with superior health and comfort.  Boston XO lenses are made to the specifications of your prescription.


Lens Material
Boston XO Contact Lenses (hexafocon A) material is used for the manufacturing of daily wear rigid gas permeable contact lenses.  Boston XO Contact Lenses are wettable, non-hydrophilic rigid gas permeable contact lenses that are not surface treated and are made from siloxanyl fluoromethacrylate copolymer containing an utraviolet absorber.  Boston XO Contact Lenses are available in ice blue and violet.


Lens Parameters  
Base Curve: 5.00 mm to 9.00 mm in .01 mm increments
Diameter: 7.0 mm to 11.5 mm
Power Range: -20.00D to +20.00D in 0.25D increments


Lens Properties  
Specific Gravity: 1.27
Refractive Index: 1.415
Wetting Angle: 49 degrees
Water Content: <1%
Light Transmittance: 92%

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