Boston Envision contact lenses are manufactured by Polymer Technology and feature a unique bi-aspheric back surface design for superior comfort and adaptation.  The lenses are gas permeable contacts to be used as daily wear lenses.  For added convenience, Boston Envision lenses are made with a visible tint to help you locate your lenses in the solution.

Lens Material
Boston Envision contact lenses are made of enflufocon A.


Lens Parameters  
Base Curve: 7.0mm – 8.3mm (0.1mm increments)
Diameter: 7.0mm – 11.5mm (9.6mm standard)
Power Range: -20.00D to +20.00D
Center Thickness: 0.15mm (@ -3.00D)


Lens Properties  
Specific Gravity: 1.22
Refractive Index: 1.428
Wetting Angle: (Captive Bubble) 54 deg.
Hardness: (Rockwell R) 117

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