Biomedics XC

Biomedics XCCooperVision’s Biomedics XC contact lenses are 1 to 2 week disposable contacts that are worn as daily lenses for up to two weeks and discarded.  Using their patented PC Technology, Biomedics XC lenses are made of a unique material containing molecules of phosphorylcholine, which is found naturally in human cell membranes.  The molecules attract and surround themselves with water, keeping your eyes wet, healthy and comfortable throughout the day.

Lens Material
Biomedics XC contact lenses are made of Omafilcon A with a water content of 60 percent.

Lens Parameters
Base Curve: 8.5
Diameter: 14.2
Power Range: +6.00D to -10.00D (0.50D steps after -6.00D)
Center Thickness: .075

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