Alpina Sunglasses


Alpina was founded by Werner Grau and Hagen Stockklausner in Friedberg-Derching, Germany in 1980.  Alpina is known the world over for designing and manufacturing sports and sunglasses as well as high-end frames, ranking as the number one producer of snow goggles in Germany.

Alpina Sunglasses are stylish and presented in a variety of styles.  They are made to be functional and, super sleek and flexible while providing excellent protection from the outdoor elements.

Alpina ceramic lenses are made of superior materials with a dedication towards precision and quality.  Alpina Sunglasses are made with break resistant polycarbonate lenses.  They have been tested successfully according to BSI, ANSI and EN standards, withstanding the impact of a 6.35 mm steel projectile traveling at a speed of 45,7 m/sec.

The ultra-violet range extends from two-hundred to four-hundred nanometers and Alpina lenses offer one-hundred percent protection from this harmful UV radiation.  Their ceramic lenses have a double sided special ceramic coating and test results show them three to five times harder (more scratch-resistant) than regular plastic lenses.

Numerous famous athletes choose to wear Alpina Sunglasses, including 2006 Olympic bronze medalist Tony Dawson and Olympic gold medalist Shaun White.

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